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A little bit about me…

I’ve always been passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. With 15+ years of experience in Human Resources and a degree in HR management, I’ve gained a deep understanding of the importance of employee engagement and developing a strong company culture. What drives me is seeing individuals grow and develop, not just professionally but personally as well. Whether it’s through coaching, mentoring or training, I find great fulfillment in being a part of someone’s journey towards reaching their goals.

For me, success isn’t just about hitting targets or achieving milestones, it’s about helping people become their best selves. It’s this passion for developing individuals that has kept me motivated throughout my career and continues to inspire me every day.

My passion for people combined with an understanding of HR best practices has contributed to numerous HR initiatives delivering exceptional results. This paired with my communication skills and strong work ethic allows me to work well within a team as well as the leadership within the organisation.

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Emotional Intelligence Training services

Emotional Intelligence Training

Why train for Emotional Intelligence?

  • Equip employees with tools and ownership of life-long  personal development
  • Reshaping company culture
  • Driving sales and turnover
  • Improved customer experience
  • Better leadership capability
  • Employee wellness

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